We are pleased to show some sample extracts of testimonials from some of our valued customers.  In the interest of customer confidentiality, we have not included full names but we are pleased to say that the full written testimonials are available

“Over the last ten years I have had many dealings with Sean & Margaret at Ambit Financial Services…they have helped me with two mortgages, life insurance and above all I have found them to trustworthy and have no qualms about recommending them”


“Dear Sean,

In very plain english you were able to explain to me the weakness in my investment and how it would not be in the best interest of my family…as it turned out the way financial markets went you advice was even more valuable. I dread to think of the situation I might be now had it not been for our very opportune meeting.”


“A big thank you to Margaret and Ambit Financial Services for organising our company healthcare scheme.”


“I’ve known Sean O’ Gorman for many years and I have placed great trust in his expertise and honesty.”


“we have a better understanding of what we required and sufficient cover in place for peace of mind, all at a very reasonable premium.”

David & Michelle

“Ambit Financial Services is one of the best financial services providers my firm has worked with…knowedgeable, professional and courteous…they are pleaseure to have involved in any transaction.”