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Convertible Life Insurance Details

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Leaving A Legacy with Life Insurance

Helping people avoid financial hardship is often the best legacy we can leave behind and convertible life insurance meets that need for many people.

Convertible Life Insurance pays a tax free lump sum on the death of the policyholder and this money can be used to pay any outstanding bills and look after future income needs.

For as little as €10 per month there are some excellent benefits available, for example, a unique benefit is that the policy can be converted to a new life insurance policy without any further underwriting and serious illness protection can also be included.

The cost of cover depends on age, health status, level of cover required and plan type.

Life Insurance At Work

We would like to share a video of a real life case study. It is worth taking less than two minutes of your time to hear the story and the three important questions that it highlights.

“This is a true story about the unexpected need for a legacy using a life insurance plan.”

Margaret O’ Gorman, Director.

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