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Mortgage Protection Details

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Your Home Is A Potential Financial Riskmortgage-protection-200x200

If you are depending on one or two incomes to repay your mortgage then the loss of income due to premature death can mean repayments not being made and in some situations, your home being repossessed and probably sold by the lending institution or bank.

There is a better way and there is no question that most people will have taken out a mortgage protection plan to cover this type of situation whenever the loan was approved and granted as this is a lending requirement

Mortgage Protection Checkpoint

It’s always a good idea to check things are as they should be with your mortgage protection plan and our financial planning advice would always look for the following information;

  1. Is there a mortgage protection plan in place?
  2. Has it been reviewed in the last twelve months?
  3. Are there improved quotation rates now compared to when the mortgage was taken out?
  4. Is Serious Illness Protection included?

A No/Don’t Know answer to any of these question means that you should give us a call about this very important insurance that is protecting what is probably your most valuable asset.

You can call us for information and advice at 045 883 828.