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Planning Your Income In Retirement

Personal-Pension-Ambit-225x150Contributing to a personal pension plan is one of the most cost effective and tax efficient investments to be made in Ireland today.

But it is important to note that making the decision to invest is only a very small part of the decision.

Investment Plan & Tactics

The biggest decisions that will make the biggest difference to the growth in your pension fund are as follows;

In what assets/shares will your money be invested?

Do these match your attitude to risk?

Are they the right selection based on your age and the time you have to invest before you retire?

Is there a phased investment strategy that protects your investment at the later stages and locks in your pension fund?

Tax Benefits

A winning combination is to get the investment plan and tactics right first, then take advantage of the generous tax benefits, that include;

Tax Relief on Contributions

Investment Growth is Tax Free

Tax Free Lump Sums at Retirement.

Most Important Point

The winning combination of the right investments and tax benefits will only work with expert advice, commitment to customer care and service.

The value of your investment may go down as well as up.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Ambit Financial Services can deliver on all parts of this pension combination to make your personal pension plan the best it can be on retirement day – and – take advantage of excellent tax benefits.

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