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Serious Illness Protection Details

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About Serious Illness Protection


No one is immune to the risks of a serious illness. There is good news on this because as everybody knows, either through friends, family or personal experience, with all of the advances in modern medicine, people are now surviving what were once fatal illnesses.

How This Plan Fits into Financial Planning

Serious Illness Protection provides a tax free cash lump sum on the diagnosis of a specified illness.

It is complementary to private health care, which pays for the treatment and also complementary to income protection that will pay an income for a selected period of time.

Using Serious Illness Protection

As it is with all insurance, the amount of protection you need depends on your personal circumstances.

For example, the sum insured can be used to pay the outstanding mortgage, repay credit card bills, any unprotected personal loans or pay a salary for 1 year or more. It could be all of these or a combination.

Decisions on what bills to protect are normally made when the plan is set up and if personal circumstances change then the sum insured can be reviewed to reflect the change.

Some Important Points to Note

Most Life Insurance Companies offer Serious Illness Protection plans.

None of the plans have the same Terms and Conditions

Quotations will vary.

There is only one plan that is the best one for you.

We can help you select a plan that suits your unique personal & family circumstances.

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